Contractors Health And Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS)

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The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS), has been designed for contractors and consultants that apply to work in public and private sector organisations.

Achieve CHAS Accreditation With Synergos

Here at Synergos, as experts in process improvement and quality management, we can help you to achieve CHAS certification. But first, what is it and why do you need it?

What Is CHAS Certification And Do I Need It?

The Association of London Government (ALG) and a group of health and safety and procurement experts developed CHAS in 1997 for two reasons:
1. Eradicate duplicate safety applications for both buyers and suppliers
2. Enhance health and safety standards across the UK.

To do this, CHAS assesses the health and safety competence of suppliers.
This gives buyers the ability to make informed decisions when choosing a supplier while also giving the supplier the ability to stand out from the thousands of other consultants and contractors they’re competing against.

Benefits Of CHAS For Suppliers

  • CHAS saves time and resources. You won’t have to spend hours filling in forms for Health and Safety purposes for different customers.
  • The process will locate any weaknesses in your safety management so you can improve them.
  • Inconsistencies are reduced. Without CHAS, you may be deemed compliant by one buyer but not with another. Don’t leave it to chance.
  • You’ll be approved to work for all CHAS buyers.
  • You’ll prove that you are compliant with vital parts of health and safety law.
  • You can win new business, especially from large corporate clients.
  • Easy and affordable certification – 100% guaranteed

Our step by step approach to certification reduces the time and paperwork required to complete the process. Preparing for certification is easy and affordable with Synergos which is why we 100% guarantee our service.

What’s Involved?

Applicants that fail to supply all supporting documentation can encounter delays along the way, or in some cases receipt of an initial failure letter. Partnering with us can reduce the roadblocks to becoming certified as we have experience with the process.

Where applicable we analyse:

Fire risk assessment, monitoring, auditing, & reviewing

  • Workplace & inspections
  • Contractor management
  • Electrical safety
  • PPE
  • Work equipment
  • Accident reporting
  • Health surveillance
  • Asbestos
  • Risk assessment
  • Manual handling of loads
  • Display screen
  • Equipment
  • Fire and emergency procedures
  • First Aid
  • Consultation arrangements
  • Health & safety training and organisation for health & safety
  • Work equipment
  • General policy statement.

Achieve CHAS certification with Synergos

As you can see, there are many benefits to achieving CHAS certification.

Working with Synergos can help you navigate the complexities of applying for certification by following the process accurately, enabling your business to become CHAS certified swiftly and easily so that you can focus on achieving your commercial goals.

You Can Put Your Trust in Our Team

You can put your trust in us, as we’ve worked hard to build a solid reputation helping clients like you achieve their business goals. Working across a wide range of business sectors, we collaborate with you to ensure a great outcome for everyone.

We guarantee*
we will get you through the certification/accreditation process or we will refund 100% of all monies paid to Synergos Consultancy.

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