Why is Quality Management so Important?

Quality management

Managing the quality of the products or services you produce is key to ongoing business success and yet so many businesses leave it to chance. How can you change this so that quality management becomes an important and integral part of what you do and how you do it?

The importance of quality management shouldn’t be underestimated and by not giving it the attention it deserves, your business could be missing out. 

Quality management ensures superior products and services

Whether it is performance, reliability or durability, the quality of your products and services are measured against various benchmarks. These benchmarks are within your business, such as being part of your processes, but they are also external to your organisation too. How well, for example, do your products or services stand up against those of your competitors? 

Quality management can improve customer satisfaction

When your customers like what you do and how you do, they’ll come back again and again but when products fall below par or your services don’t live up to expectations, disgruntled customers will tell others about it. With social media a ready tool to amplify people’s complaints, businesses need to make more effort to maintain customer satisfaction. Quality management process should, in theory, prevent many of these instances from happening. 

Quality management processes can improve revenue and profits

In effect, everything on this list relating to the importance of quality management is linked. When what you do is improved and people like what you do, it sets in motion a domino effect. With excellent quality products on the market, customers will favour your brand and this will result in a bigger and more stable customer base. With your order book full to bursting, the positive impact on revenue and profit is obvious. 

A robust quality management system can streamline your business and reduce waste

What if you could continue to produce great products with less waste? What if you could produce even better products at a lower cost?

Most businesses would jump at the chance to do so. Quality management systems can, as part of the creation and implementation process, highlight weak links in the production process. It can throw a spotlight on the parts of the process that are excellent but also highlight areas where with small changes, the savings could be significant.

Quality management systems can be part of scaling your business

Growth and scaling a business can be both exciting and challenging. Growing too big too quickly can lead to a whole host of difficulties and one component that can suffer is quality. Should this happen, it can damage your business for many weeks and months to come. Quality management processes that are strong and robust can head off this problem before it takes a grip on your business.

You want people to know your business for the right things – quality products and fantastic services. But how do you measure this? How do you improve quality? The answer lies in quality management systems – and ISO 9001 can be the tool that makes this happen. 

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