The Impact of Quality Consultancy Services on ISOs and Other Accreditations

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The positive impact of ISOs and other accreditations are widely recognised. It’s no wonder, therefore, that as an organisation, you are seeking to do the same. Turning to a consultancy service to help you reach these lofty goals makes sense but do all ISO consultancy services deliver the same? Is a great service, delivered by knowledgeable experts, guaranteed?

Why Use an ISO Consultant?

If you are seeking to improve business quality and assurance process, you’ll turn to the likes of ISO 9001 or ISO 14001. ISOs, however, are not about re-inventing the wheel but that you apply the standard to what your organisation does. Essentially, these standards act as a benchmark.

Working with an ISO consultancy service to smooth this process makes sense. After all, a skilled team have the experience that your company or organisation needs to get the most out of the process.

But take no more than a cursory glance on the internet, and you’ll see that it is full of ISO consultancy “experts”. They have, according to their self-written adverts, all the skills and experience that you’ll need to tap into during this process. Even better, they say, is the price tag.

But here’s the thing – there is a saying buy cheap, buy twice and there’s a reason why people stand by this. When you are seeking something of quality, whether that is a product or service, and you want to be confident that this quality is in every facet and fibre of the process, it will come with a price tag. Too cheap, and it’ll break under normal use. 

Assuring your organisation has the best ISO consultancy service

ISO Consultants who are certified themselves with a registered UKAS accredited body will have, as part of that process, had to prove a series of compliance requirements themselves and so, as well as keeping an eye on the price of consultancy service – too cheap is simply not an indicator of quality – take a look at what ISO certifications or accreditations your ISO consultancy services have in place.

ISO Consultants can support their clients to gain their own certifications and or accreditations with following the guidelines from the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), which is the sole national accreditation agency in the country, one that is recognised by many other organisations and departments, including the UK Government.

Why should you be certified by UKAS accreditation body?

UKAS operates along strict guidelines and any ISO consultant who follows the same path will have to follow strict guidelines too. In fact, they have to show that they still meet these guidelines during annual surveillance visits and how they do so but what are the benefits to your business?

  • Eliminates risk – a consultancy service certified by a UKAS accredited body will not only have the information needed to guide your company to success, but the skills and experience to do so.
  • Versatility – an experienced consultant recognises the processes a company already has in place and works to make the ISO dovetail with these rather than the other way around. In other words, they understand that they need to adapt and be versatile from one client to the next.
  • All the right documents at the right time – acquiring an ISO is a stepped process and so you need to be confident that the consultant and the team they have working with them develop the right documents suitable for your business. 
  • Partnership and collaboration – ISOs are not something that is ‘done’ to an organisation. The process is a valuable one and by working in collaboration with a quality consultancy service, your business gets the most from it.

Choosing the best consultancy service

Look for an ISO consultancy service that is certified by an approved UKAS accredited body and offers the support you need for the ISO your business is looking to achieve. With this equation, you are guaranteed a successful journey to ISO certification of your choice.

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Laura Batchelor
Laura Batchelor
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