Staying on top of health and safety

Health and safety is an important facet of your business, whether you are a local small business or a large nationwide construction company. It comes with a specific set of standards, procedures and policies that any business with five or more employees is expected to meet – not just once but all of the time.





Remaining health and safety compliant

Work is busy. New projects coming online, new clients to work with, an expanding staff base, new premises and locations to set up, new machinery… you name it, nothing seems to stay the same for very long in the field of work.

And there lies a problem – without intending to, your compliance with some health and safety schemes may lapse, a fact you only find out when you come to use your current certification to find that it is out of date.

Then there is the thorny issue of remaining compliant in terms of everyday practice and procedures. Whilst this may pass without issue, there are times that companies have found themselves in hot water. With health and safety breach notices slapped on them, such as workers on a construction site not having access to clean drinking water, to heavy fines for worker injuries or, worse still, fatalities, staying compliant all of the time should never slip from your priority list.

Tools for remaining health and safety compliant

There are many ways that you can remain health and safety compliant;

  • Awareness and refresher training – health and safety doesn’t stand still because the workplace doesn’t stand still. Can you imagine discussing not using your mobile phone whilst handling a crane, for example, on a building site 20 years ago? This is very much a modern phenomenon, along with other changes in risks and hazards. Refresher and awareness training is ideal for reminding people just how important health and safety is.
  • Health and safety accreditation calendar – there is a range of technical tools at our fingertips ripe for use when it comes to health and safety. From certain apps to setting up online calendars, there are many ways that you can be reminded that your Safecontractor accreditation is due for renewal, likewise for Achillies, CHAS and Constructionline. Set up a reminder some four weeks prior to your renewal date to go through the documentation, so that you remain compliant.
  • Monitoring and mentoring – it is impossible to keep on top of every aspect of your business which is why you outsource many activities such as bookkeeping or IT support. So why not health and safety compliance? We offer a mentoring and monitoring service that supports your business to remain compliant with health and safety, no matter which schemes you choose to be a part of. Outsourcing also brings in a fresh pair of eyes, something that is essential for seeing the small (and big) things that are so often missed because we are too familiar with the landscape. Hazards and risks have a habit of creeping in where we least expect to find them…

Of course, the Synergos team have a solution. We offer a monitoring service for health and safety (which means you’ll never miss a renewal date again!).

How can we help you?

If you are in need of assistance with any aspect of Health and Safety management, here at Synergos we’d be delighted to help. Whether you have questions or are looking for advice and support to maintain standards, call 01484 666160 or email and we’ll be happy to talk it over with you.


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