What are the quality management principles?

As a business, you will no doubt want to ensure that the services and products you offer to your clients and suppliers are the best possible. A great way to do this is by following the seven Quality Management Principles (QMPs) that ISO 9000, ISO 9001 and other related ISO quality management standards are based on. Even if you don’t have any or one of the ISO certifications yet, you can still use these basic principles as a model for honing and improving your quality management procedures and processes.

We’ve put together a guide on the seven principles that ISO quality management standards use to give you a head start in bringing quality to your business.

Customer Focus

Attracting and retaining the confidence of customers is crucial to the success of a company meeting and exceeding customer’s expectations. It’s important to understand and recognise the needs customers now and for the future. Making customers a focus of your business objectives with relation to quality management will work to increase customer value, satisfaction, loyalty, repeat business, as well as increase your customer base and market share.


With good leadership in an organisation, there is naturally better unity, engagement and communication throughout the entire business. With a common aim to meet business objectives together, it’s possible to align strategies, policies, process and resources. This makes a business more efficient, effective and raising the quality of operations and services they provide.

Engagement of People

In order to make your business function as its optimum level, you need your employees on your side. Communicating with employees on all levels, involving them and recognising their contribution will make them feel more valued and empowered. As a result, they should be more inclined to work towards common business goals, increasing productivity and efficiency for achieving quality objectives.

Process Approach

Whatever sector you’re in, putting a structured process system in place will help you to achieve more consistent and efficient results. Establishing objectives for the system, allocating responsibilities and assessing the risks will help you to refine the processes. In addition, adhering to the quality management processes will give you greater insight for improvements to optimise your output; and instil confidence in your suppliers and customers that you have an effective quality management system in place.


For any business to succeed you should have focus on continual improvement. A business needs to be able to react and adapt to changes internally, as well as in the marketplace and technology. With a focus on improvement, you will be better equipped to maintaining and improving current levels of performance in relation to quality management.

Evidence Based Decision Making

Decision making in business always poses some level of uncertainty, but making business decisions based on real data and analysis is likely to have a greater impact on achieving quality management objectives. Facts and real data obtained from process analysis and reporting will give a more objective viewpoint, allowing you to make informed and confident decisions.

Relationship Management

There can be numerous interested parties involved in a business, but managing these relationships effectively will help to control quality management and improve business efficiency in the process. This is particularly important with supplier and partner networks, where there needs to be an understanding of common goals and the impact these relationships can have on the supply chain.

Of course the best way to make the most of these quality principles is to gain certification by ISO. This will not only speak volumes to potential clients of your commitment to quality, but will ensure better working practices and a more streamlined system of operation. Here at Synergos Consultancy, we’d be only too happy to help you gain and reap the benefits of ISO 9001:2015. Contact us on 01484 817 444 or email info@synergosconsultancy.co.uk to find out more.

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