Popular ISO Standards and Why Your Business Might Need Them

Popular ISO standards

ISO certifications open up a wealth of opportunities for your business, especially if you work towards the standards that your clients and customers want to see in a company. Organisations are now realising that they need ISO standards but why?

The benefits of ISO standards are many and varied but the ‘new normal’ touted post-lockdown could mean that ISOs, along with other valuable processes, could become the norm for businesses. Here’s why:

1.    Stand out in an increasingly crowded and increasingly volatile marketplace

COVID-19 has impacted on every facet of life, including the British economy which has not only shrunk by 2% but has also been recently described by the Bank of England as being “on the floor”. Every business operates in a crowded marketplace with competitors also seeking to outdo their nearest business rival. Post-lockdown, the volatility of the marketplace is clear to see.

Clients want to know that the company they are dealing with has all the credentials that lend itself to being a trustworthy partner. And that means showing your agility as a company.

ISO 22301 business continuity won’t stop interruptions from happening, but it shows you are in great shape to weather the storm.

2.    Meet client growing expectations

Client expectations are mounting. Customers are expecting a lot and even when there are extenuating circumstances, they are still expecting quality across products and services.

The importance of quality management cannot be underestimated. ISO 9001 quality management systems is popular simply because it is one of the most valued amongst the families of standards. For your businesses, its value lies in the message it clearly sends clients and competitors alike. The need for a robust quality management system has never been more apparent.

3.    Boost your business during recession or flat economic periods

We don’t need economists to tell us that the UK economy will struggle and stutter in the coming weeks and months. The final bill after furloughing businesses, as well as all the other financial implications, will be a debt the taxpayer will be paying back for years, if not decades.

Against this uncertain financial landscape, your business will need to thrive and grow. That means doing everything you possibly can to set your business apart and above all others. From carving a name for yourselves in your industry for unrivalled quality and delivery, to leading the way in a specific field.

4.    Meet industry-set standards

Benchmarks and standards are key to industry-wide improvements. Almost every sector has an Achilles heel. Unless action is taken, the industry and your business, as a result, will only remain as strong as its weakest link.

Health and safety is paramount for any business. In the current climate, there is understandably increasing emphasis on PPE at work, when should PPE be changed, how to use it and what should be supplied.

ISO 45001 occupational health and safety is fast becoming one of the most popular ISOs and across a range of industries too.

5.    Add value to your business with popular ISOs

Even against the current backdrop and potentially difficult trading conditions coming our way, you will want to grow your business and that means investing in ISOs that your business needs to fuel its growth.

Which ISO does your business need?

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Steve Byrom
Steve Byrom
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