Why regular maintenance of your business processes and services can increase your profits

You’ll have more likely heard the saying “can’t see the wood for the trees” and in my line of work, it’s a phrase I often hear. Far too many businesses get too caught up, especially at this time of year, in trying to do business better, and get more customers, but without taking stock and looking at the day to day activities performed by their staff, it’s easy to lose sight of how you could be doing business more profitably.

Quality affects profit

Quality is something that each company or business strives for, although it is often difficult to achieve. In any business, complications about quality and efficiency are bound to arise, whether it is about misplacing important documents or customers finding your products or services to be substandard. This can have a marked affect on profit, whether through having to offer the customer a refund, or whether your staff have to waste precious man-hours getting mistakes corrected.

However, businesses can improve the quality of its products and services and by doing so they can increase profits. With ISO 9001:2008, businesses are continually measuring their performance, and this can be great for improving profitability.

How ISO can help

ISO9001: 2008 is a globally recognized quality management standard. It presents guidelines that are aimed at increasing business efficiency as well as customer satisfaction. The goal is to ultimately embed a reliable quality management system within that organisation which in turn increases its productivity, reduces unnecessary costs and ensures quality of products and processes. It is applicable to organisations and businesses from every sector and the process-oriented approach ensures that the standard is also applicable to service-based organizations. The guidelines allow for flexibility, which is vital in the current diverse business world so whatever your business niche, you’re likely to see improvements.

It is possible for a business to get entangled in business processes and forget about ways of improving its products as well as service delivery. ISO guidelines enable a business to look at the bigger picture by focusing on how processes interacts as well as the most important aspects of particular products and services. This is vital for the business to improve the product and service delivery, which will in turn result in higher profits through gaining new customers and improving the service offered to existing clients. Existing clients receiving a good service are far less likely to switch providers, which means customer retention rates are improved too.

Once ISO is implemented, numerous audits are carried out to check the effectiveness of the quality management system, which will help to identify areas of improvement, allowing businesses to constantly work to improve their efficiency and profitability. Studying trends may even help a business to identify possible new markets which they can then focus marketing efforts on, improving profitability even further.

As you can see, there are many parts of ISO9001: 2008 that can help businesses achieve higher profits by not only attracting new clients, but also pleasing the current customers.

If you’d like to know more about how ISO certification can help your business, then why not call Synergos on 01484 817 444  or click here and discover how profitable your business could be.

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