Building a solid foundation for your ISO certification

There are countless essentials needed to build and maintain an accomplished business. Having an ISO Certification is a crucial key in achieving the level of success that you as a business owner strive to accomplish. However, for some business owners, achieving your ISO Certification can be a drawn out and maddening endeavor that can take several months or more.

Building a solid foundation for your ISO certification is the key factor in avoiding the countless obstacles that can arise when beginning the ISO certification process. More often than not, attempting to obtain your ISO certification without the support of an ISO experienced consultant can be a disastrous and disheartening experience. After considering the steps involved in attaining an ISO certification it will become abundantly clear that attempting to handle such a vital certification on your own would be not only tremendously challenging, but ultimately careless as well.

Do you need help?

Before you decide on whether it would be in your company’s best interests to enlist a consultant to handle the ins and outs of the ISO certification process, you must first ask yourself these 4 questions.

  1. Are you confident that you and/or your management team have the experience and terminology familiarity needed to build a solid foundation for your ISO certification?
  2. Have you or anyone in your management team or staff ever handled and/or supervised an ISO certification?
  3. Do you know where to find a UKAS accredited auditor?
  4. Can your company afford the counterproductive outcomes and time-consuming hitches that will arise from not seeking proper guidance to attain your ISO certification?

If you have answered NO one or all of these questions it is strongly recommended that you seek professional consultation from the ISO experienced consultants at Synergos to ensure the successful and profitable future of your business.

Preparation for your ISO Certification

Preparing for the steps involved in attaining your ISO certification can be the first of many exasperating undertakings.  Synergos Consultancy specializes in providing step-by-step support and guidance towards your ISO certification. Starting with (but not limited to) identifying an approved UKAS accredited auditor, creating required core documents, and reviewing your training matrix. These essential steps will make the process leading to your initial audit a relaxed and uncomplicated task.

Understanding the Terminology

Even the most seasoned business owner can find the terminology involved with the ISO certification unclear. The smallest error or misinterpretation of what is required can set back your progress by months. Causing frustration, and avoidable stress to you and your employees. Synergos Consultancy holds superior erudition when it comes to understanding the requirements and steps involved in reaching your ISO certification.

Unrivaled Support

After a detailed review and if necessary, resolution of your businesses current quality policy, Synergos consultants will then commence the steps needed to coast you through the audits required to attain your ISO certification, by creating a 12 month management review schedule, including all of the requirements needed, whilst explaining these actions to you, your management team, and staff every step of the way. Alleviating the anxiety and aggravation often involved with achieving your ISO certification.


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Steve Kilburn
Steve Kilburn
I initially trained as an industrial chemist working in a variety of manufacturing environments eventually moving into quality management which grew to encompass environmental and occupational health and safety management systems. I hold a Masters Degree in Health and Safety law and Environmental Law and a Post Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Waste Management and I am a Graduate Level Member of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH). In my spare time I enjoy reading, my favourite author is Stephen King, and listening to music, generally from the late 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.
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