How to truly benefit from OHSAS 18001

Before we explore the true benefits of OHSAS 18001 Let’s start by explaining exactly what OHSAS 18001 is. This is an internationally accepted method of assessing and auditing health and safety management systems within organisations. It is a way of helping companies to implement proper, legal and effective health and safety management in the work place. The idea of this, in simplest terms, is to ensure the safety of all company personnel as well as that of any visitors and contractors who enter company premises. The OHSAS standard also provides a framework within which health and safety can be continually reviewed and improved.

Initial benefit

When workers feel safe in their working environment they are more inclined to be motivated and enthusiastic. Increased motivation leads to increased productivity which in turn leads to increased profits. This is the initial and most obvious benefit for the business. On top of this though – and equally important – is the enhancement of the company’s good name which comes from being known as a company that cares about its employees and its associates. A company with a name for trustworthiness and conscientiousness is one which inspires loyalty in its customers.

If incidents occur

OHSAS 18001 provides an easy to follow framework, which aims to help you to identify and eliminate any risks and hazards in the work place. By adhering to this you can be sure that the incidence of risks and accidents will reduce. However, should an incident or accident occur the processes within the OHSAS 18001 standard will enable you to more efficiently investigate what happened and get to the bottom of it with ease. It will assist you in identifying what went wrong and how to prevent it from happening again. Crucially, one of the main benefits in using the OHSAS system to prevent accidents and deal with any incidents in a timely, efficient manner will come in the form of cost savings. After all – fewer accidents equates to fewer sickness days.

The legal bit

By achieving OHSAS 18001 certification you are showing that you are fully aware of and in compliance with work place health and safety legislation. Not only does this enable you to avoid any legal penalties, like fines, which would be imposed for non-compliance, but it also reassures your customers, sub-contractors and partners of your commitment to best practice and the continuing welfare of all those involved with your business. Once again, we cannot overstate the benefit of the huge enhancement of your corporate image that comes with having OHSAS 18001 accreditation.

Summary of benefits

To sum up then, here are just some of the benefits that await those companies who join the OHSAS 18001 scheme:

  • Improved morale, motivation and efficiency
  • Reduced costs from accidents and from public liability insurance premiums
  • Reduced sickness days and other downtime
  • Improvement in your company name and business reputation
  • Demonstrating your commitment to health and safety

If you need help deciding whether OHSAS 18001 would suit you why not contact us on 01484 817444 or email us at to truly take advantage of the benefits.

Published 15/08/2016

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Steve Kilburn
Steve Kilburn
I initially trained as an industrial chemist working in a variety of manufacturing environments eventually moving into quality management which grew to encompass environmental and occupational health and safety management systems. I hold a Masters Degree in Health and Safety law and Environmental Law and a Post Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Waste Management and I am a Graduate Level Member of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH). In my spare time I enjoy reading, my favourite author is Stephen King, and listening to music, generally from the late 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.
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