How to make the most of your ISO accreditation

Many small, medium and large businesses become ISO certified every year, and whilst we’ve waxed lyrical about the benefits to businesses, once certified, many businesses aren’t aware of how best to market their achievement. There are many reasons your company should advertise the fact that you’ve gained certification, as you are now able to assure consumers of consistency in the quality of production and after sales service. You obviously need to make the most of advertising the fact, particularly in the highly competitive global market, so let’s begin by looking at one of the most basic marketing tools – company stationery.

Company stationery and vehicles

Many businesses fail to properly advertise their certification as ISO prohibit the use of their logo, but although you cannot use the ISO logo, you can design your own logo or amend the current logo to reflect the certification.  Once this has been done it is important to ensure that it is put on every piece of material that your company uses, including letterheads, business cards, websites, company newsletters and even as far as company vehicles.  Everything about your business should reflect the fact that you have been able to comply with standards that demonstrate safety, quality and reliability.  A banner is another useful marketing tool that can announce your success to a wider audience.


It is well worth dedicating a full page to the certification on your website, as well as ensuring that the front page has a news release bulletin that summarises the information.  Take time to ensure the accuracy of all the technical information, or ask your accreditor to check it for you prior to going public.  Use a briefer summary of the information on your company Twitter page that links into the website.

Press Releases

A critical tool to be used to ensure that news of the certification is distributed to a wider audience is the media. This release can be duplicated in your company newsletter and in trade magazines or at trade fairs.  An e shot can be used to send out the news to interested parties and is a good way to spread the news cheaply and effectively.


Do not forget to place a copy of the certification in your reception or in another prominent place in your company where visitors’ attention can be drawn to it.  Most importantly, do not forget those who helped ensure the company attained the standard, the employees.  Why not reward them with a company mug, key ring or computer mat or any other gift that displays the certification?  A little goes a long way and whatever is chosen will surely be appreciated.

It is so important to advertise the fact that you have met the ISO standards, after all it is an internationally recognised accreditation, but if you haven’t yet gained certification then remember that there are professionals available that will enable you to meet the compliance standards and guide you carefully through the process.

Here at Synergos Consultancy we can help you gain ISO 14001:2015 ISO 9001:2015 certification, or ensure that your current certification is kept up to date, by reviewing or putting processes and systems in place to ensure compliance with the requirements of these fantastic certifications. If you’d like to know more about how we can help, simply call us on 01484 817 444 or email, and you could soon be shouting about your new ISO certification in all the ways above and more!

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