BS EN 1090 – A QuickStart Guide

If you’re involved in the design and manufacture of aluminium or steel components and intend on selling them in the EU, you might have come across BS EN 1090. This is a harmonized standard covering construction and structural aluminium and steel products. In order to comply with the legal requirements of the Construction Products Regulation, you must CE mark such products and the marking should be to BS EN 1090 standard. A failure to do so may mean an organisation is trading illegally. In addition to this, further legislation has been established to allow trading standards to enforce non-compliance with CPR. This could lead to non-compliant organisations being forced to cease trading or withdraw products.

The benefits of BS EN 1090

The benefits of complying with this standard go further than being able to legally trade components of this type in the EU. With BS EN 1090, there are several other positive aspects that go hand in hand with compliance, including:

  • Eliminating waste – this could improve efficiency by up to 20 percent in some cases
  • Increase tender opportunities – by proving compliance, other companies are far more likely to trade with you
  • Show your commitment to quality – by achieving this standard, you are proving that quality matters to you


If you are convinced of the benefits of BS EN 1090, the next step is working out which class your products should be in.

Execution Class

There are four classes that your components could fall into, which include:

Class 1 – These are components for structures which, if they fail, pose the lowest risk to life, an example of this could include a farm building.

Class 2 – This is the most common class. Components for this class would be used on buildings that typically have 2-15 floors. Commercial and residential structures could fall into this category.

Class 3 – For taller buildings, 15 floors + or structures that include crane tracks, railway, pedestrian, road and cycle bridges.

Class 4 – These are for structures that pose the greatest risk to life if they fail. They could include for example, roofs on football stadiums.


What do I need to do to achieve BS EN 1090?

If you want to gain this important standard, you must be able to demonstrate compliance with its requirements. This involves asking questions such as:

  • Do you have the skilled workers (structural engineers and skilled welders, for example) and the right facilities to produce these components?
  • Do you have a pricing process in place?
  • Could these prices be subject to change; if so, are changes documented?
  • Do you have the correct insurance for these components and their production?
  • Are welding processes documented and put in place?
  • Is welding plant calibration carried out?
  • Do you periodically undertake testing (non-destructive)?
  • Is the material the same as the grade specified at design? Can you demonstrate this?
  • Do you have regular inspections and are they documented?
  • Do you have documented finishing processes and are your products identifiable to your company?

Need Help?

If you are unsure as to how to begin the process to achieve this vital standard, why not talk to us? Here at Synergos, putting in place documented processes is second nature for us and we’d be happy to help you in your journey to reap all the benefits this important standard could bring to your business. Why not get in touch to find out how we can help you?


?A vital standard for those in aluminium and steel component manufacturing and design, BS EN 1090 has several requirements. ?


There are several benefits to achieving it. They include:

✅   Improving efficiency

✅   Being able to sell to the EU legally

✅   Being eligible for more tender opportunities

✅   Showing clients you have a commitment to quality


If you are interested in getting help and support so you can reap the benefits of BS EN 1090, we’d be happy to help. Why not get in touch at to see how we can assist?

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